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We have been following Loudoun County regarding the upcoming school year and the scheduling changes! In response, we have developed a NEW program to accommodate your and your child’s needs and schedules.

  • What Is Different About the LCPS 2020-2021 School Year
  • How Will the Kaizen MMA Kids Program Be Different
  • **NEW** Combination After School/Day Camp Program
  • After School ONLY Program
  • Priority Registration Open NOW!

What Is Different About the LCPS 2020-2021 School Year

The Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) plan to have online independent study, Or they will have 4 days online instruction.

How Will the Kaizen Kids Programs Be Different?

Since the focus will be on academics we will have teachers from LCPS that will help out your child(ren) during the camp period. This way parents will not have to do much school work with their child(ren) after a long day of work.

Our Academics Camp will be structured in an hourly schedule like the traditional school day. We are waiting on the school schedules to know when the children’s online classes will be, but we have the following daily academic activities planned for our Academic Camp schedule which we will schedule around their online school schedule:

  • Supervised Academic School Work ~ We provide one-on-one tutoring and supervision to supplement their online schoolwork provided by LCPS. Your child(ren) will complete their daily school work at Kaizen so you will not need to worry about their school work when you pick them up at the end of the day.
  • Silent Individual Reading Time ~ Children can read any book they choose during this time.
  • Arts and Crafts ~ We will provide craft supplies and art projects to keep the kids’ creative juices running!
  • Physical Education (PE) ~ Martial arts and fitness class with full social distancing! No contact.
  • Outdoor Recess (if weather permits) ~ Outside park / nature trail walk for some fresh air and outside exercise! Social distancing
  • Additional Academic Enrichment ~ We are currently talking with *fun* online educational programs for kids such as The Thinking Kid (https://www.thethinkingkid.org/) to provide online educational programs IN ADDITION to the LCPS school curriculum!
  • Computer classes ~ Photoshop, iMovie, Coding, Doodle Video Editing

When it comes to our after-school pick-up, we will be following LCPS’s dismissal times and will adjust our operations to these times when LCPS finalizes their school schedule.

Because of the abnormal school schedule, we will be offering an adjusted program; this program will be a combination of our After School Program and our Day Camp Program.

We will provide two days of after school care and three days of full day camp or full week camp.

Each family’s needs are different; we know that while some children will need  five days per week, some children will only need after school  or will only need camp day. Here’s how we’ve broken down our program to meet your needs–

**NEW** Combination After School / Day Camp Program

If your child needs full time care, we will provide After School for them two days per week (according to the LCPS schedule) and Day Camp for them on the remaining three days per week. This will be a FULL TIME MEMBERSHIP.

With a full time membership, you have the flexibility to send your child to day camp every and any day of the week!

We will coordinate with you to find out which days they will be attending school in-person if you choose to send them.

The goal of this program is flexibility! 

If you decide not to send your child to school and would rather they attend camp five days per week, they can!

Whether your child attends school twice a week, once a week, or not at all, your child will have a place to go and your price will stay the same.

Alternatively, if there is a day they are regularly scheduled to attend their school but you choose not to send them, you can send them to an additional day of camp at no extra cost.

With the full-time membership, your child can attend up to five days of full day camp per week depending on their school schedule.

1. Full time membership:

5 Day Program

 Month to Month Membership  $1200 per month
 Annual (9-month) Membership  $1000 per month


2. Three Days camp rate:

3 day Program

 Month to Month Membership  $820 per month
 Annual (9-month) Membership  $790 per month


Priority Registration Open NOW!

Currently, We have limited capacity due to CDC social distancing requirements we only have open enrollment for Combination After School / Day Camp Registrations.

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