The Benefits Of Martial Arts

The benefits of martial arts go way beyond the aesthetics of being in shape. You can get a better workout in two rounds or rolling than jogging five miles. But more importantly, it will make you understand the process of hard work.

You learn by DOING. If you want to become good at Jiu-Jitsu, you have to get choked out on a daily basis by people half of your size. There is no textbook that will going to get a belt around your waist. You can’t borrow these skills from anyone else, and there is no “quick fix” that could produce instant results.

The success rate for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is rather small. Most people quit within the first 6 months, and less than 1% ends up earning their black belt.

What people don’t understand is that those black belts aren’t special. In most, cases, they aren’t the most athletic grapplers in the room. Although they may appear like ninjas to the naked eye, they are simply white belts that never gave up. They are the ones who understood the value of persistence. But more importantly, they are the ones who have failed more than anyone else in the academy.

Jiu-Jitsu is serving as a metaphor for success. The lessons you can learn from the mat can be applied to any aspect of life:

• Surround yourself with people who are much better than you
• Persistence is the most important part of success
• Perfection is the least important part of success
• Learn from someone who has the results you are looking to get
• Failure is the pathway to success
• If your not passionate about what you’re doing, it will be very difficult to create long-term success
• Detach yourself from the vanity of the accomplishment
• Show up and execute as much as you possibly can

Martial arts can help you develop a strong body and mind. It can help you embrace the rigors and failures that come with success. Getting choked out and punched in the face will make the various challenges in life seem trivial. Suddenly, that business that you’ve always wanted to start won’t seem so intimidating.

Stop listening to people that have never stepped foot in the arena. They will always encourage you to avoid failure and seek security. The “average” believes that failure is the opposite of success.