Muay Thai

A combat sport from Thailand, Muay Thai represents one of the most effective combat and self-defense martial arts. Often referred to as "The Art of Eight Limbs," Muay Thai teaches how to make effective martial use of your hands, feet, elbows, and knees.

Kaizen MMA has the best stand up instructors in the DC Metropolitan area. We have a great diversity of coaches too, who teach traditional Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, and karate-infused Muay Thai. Our coaches have won national championships and fought in the highest levels of the sport against some of the fiercest competition, including K-1 (the most prestigious kickboxing organization) tournament finalists.

Whether your goal is to become an accomplished Thai fighter, mixed martial artist, self defense expert, or even just get in shape, we will help you accomplish your goal. Our classes teach a wide range of techniques, and put together with conditioning drills, make it a beneficial experience for everyone from novice to trained fighters. For those who are looking for more of a challenge, we have invite-only sparring classes, to help those who are preparing for fights.

Furthermore, we are specialized in stand up skills evaluations for pro mixed martial artists and professional stand up fighters who are preparing for professional events (contact Master Nima Mazhari @ (703) 731-3663 for more details).


A full contact, takedown karate, Enshin is an effective martial art for both casual self-defense practitioners and experienced strikers alike. Enshin's foundation lies Kyokushin, which is a style used by kickboxing and UFC world champions such as Andy Hug, Francisco Filho, Bas Rutten, Semmy Schlit, and Georges St-Pierre.

This program is excellent for anyone looking to get into a traditional martial art, or for someone looking for a complementary striking style for their MMA arsenal.

Our coaching staff has fighters who have won international Sabaki challenges, which are open tournaments that are full contact, no pads/gloves, and welcome martial artists from any style. We have 3rd and 4th degree black belts that have studied extensively under the founder of the art.

Brazilian Jujitsu and Grappling

A martial art and a self-defense program, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a combat system that focuses on grappling and ground fighting. Brought to Brazil as an adaptation of Judo, BJJ came into its own art form through hundreds of thousands of hours of practice and experimentation to turn it into one of the best methods of self-defense for 1 on 1 combat ever created. It is like a chess game with your body.

We have instructors and classes that will suit your jiu-jitsu needs, whatever they are. Our emphasis, however, is on proper technique. Whether you want to develop your BJJ game for self defense or to fight, we believe that absolute precision in your technique is essential for its execution. Although our school has been incredibly successful at regional grappling and sport jiu-jitsu tournaments, our focus is on jiu-jitsu for self-defense and MMA. We attribute this to the quality of our instructors and the value of putting proper technique above all else.

Our classes typically consist of warm-ups, learning new techniques, drilling existing technique, and then live sparring. We offer both gi (uniform) as well as no-gi classes.


Considered by many to be the most important aspect of MMA, we have brought on some of the best-credentialed wrestlers in the area, including former WEC and UFC fighter Kamal Shalorus. The importance of wrestling in MMA or jiu-jitsu is to control where the fight takes place. In MMA it is used to block your opponent’s takedowns if you want to keep the fight a striking match, or to take your opponent down if you your opponent is getting the better if you with strikes. In BJJ it is also useful to control the location of the fight: you can block takedowns if you don’t want to fight off of your back, or can take your opponent down to assume a dominant top-position.

Our wrestling program is focused on takedowns for both BJJ and for MMA. While we do sometimes practice pure wrestling, we do not train for pure wrestling tournaments.


An age-old martial art consisting of gloved hand-to-hand combat, boxing is a fun, challenging, and technical combat system to master. We have coaches with backgrounds from many different disciplines that they have fused into their technique with traditional boxing, as well as coaches who have pure boxing backgrounds and are Golden Gloves champions.


The undeniable fact is that every martial arts style is only practical in a certain situation.  For example, jiu-jitsu and wrestling are not practical styles against multiple attackers, and stand up styles are not as efficient as jiu-jitsu when the fight ends up on the ground.  At Kaizen, we unite all these different style and techniques in our training program to make you a well-rounded mixed martial artist.

We have a diverse coaching staff of MMA instructors that have completed and trained fighters all the way from the regional circuits to the UFC, the highest level of the sport. Whether you want to see what the MMA hype is about or become a professional fighter, we are here to help you.

Fight Camp

Kaizen MMA is the only Full Time fight training camp. That is why we have many fighters even from other gyms join us for training specially if they need fight camp because there is no other place with similar set up.

To be a professional fighter you can’t train part time. That is why we have set up a training camp just like Greg Jackson, Alfa Male, Randy Coutour, AKA, .... where fighters train every day 11am-1pm with other fighters. Training is hard and intense with a lot of drills and the goal is to get every one ready for their upcoming fights.We train even on Sundays. Fighters come back at night after 6pm for supplemental classes to work on weaknesses when instructors can break down moves in more detail. Contact coach Nima Mazhari at (703) 731-3663.

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