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We offer a system of self-defense that will give you or your child the confidence to stand up for yourself
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After School Programs

We have run our after-school program for over 10 years and have many success stories from it.  We are so confident that your children will enjoy it that we offer a monthly membership to earn your trust and ensure that you have made the right decision for your child.

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Affordable , Sibling discounts and Tax deductible

40+ Schools

Service to over 40 schools in Fairfax County and Loudoun


All buses equipped with TV and security cameras

Free pick Up

Free pick up from local schools

Track Performance

Student performance tracking phone app for parents


Close to 8,000sf facilities

Little Lions

Our little lion’s program has been developed to teach  4 to 7 year old children basic principles of martial arts in a very amusing way . As we all know children in that age group have a  short attention span and perceive their surrounding not only through their basic senses but also through their imagination . Here at Kaizen MMA  we value the mental aspect  as well as the physical  ,That’s why we  have developed a unique system in which the principles of martial arts and Kaizen MMA  is simplified   and  taught in a tangible way.

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Young Lions

Children between the ages of 7 to 12 years old, rapidly become aware of their physical and mental ability and regularly compare themselves with peers at school they are constantly drawn in situations which their physical and Mental strengths are challenged in different settings like sports, classroom, playgrounds etc. It’s imperative to reinforce Kaizen MMA philosophy and values day in day out to prepare them for these real life events. Our curriculum for this age group is more structured than little lions and is designed to push children physically and mentally to new limits so they can develop a sense of accomplishment. Also as they age they tend to challenge adults knowledge and test their values. Often parents are frustrated and become defensive. Here at Kaizen MMA we have integrated Japanese culture with scientific education methods to channel their curiosity and logic in a positive manner through our leadership program.

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Academics Camp

We offer a full day academics camp for elementary school-aged kids. This camp provides a full academic schedule including art class, PE, virtual field trips, and an in-person teacher to assist your child with their schoolwork.
  • Supervised Online Learning
  • In-Person Teacher Instruction
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Physical Education (PE)
  • Daily Individual Reading Time (DIRT Time)
  • Outdoor Recess (Weather permitting)
  • Supplemental Educational Activities

Our Locations


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21770 Beaumeade Cir,Ste:125, Ashburn, VA 20147


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9590 Lee Hwy Fairfax VA 22031

Falls Church

(703) 734-KICK

2190-K Pimmit Dr  Falls Church, VA 22043


(703) 281-KICK

228 DominIon Rd Vienna, VA 22180